Billy Strings & Don Julin – Fiddle Tune X

If you were present at the 2014 Folk Alliance Conference,
you probably heard an intriguing name whispered about from showroom to
showroom, session to session — that of a young man named Billy Strings.
the unholy child of Pantera and Tony Rice, Strings and his
mandolin-toting cohort Don Julin wowed crowds at the Kansas City-based
conference with their high-flying act of steel string virtuosity.
Now, The Sitch is pleased to premiere this dynamic duo’s explosive new record Fiddle Tune X, a collection of live recordings and studio sessions that show off Strings’ bourbon-barrel vocals and speed metal guitar licks.
majority of this album was recorded with a single microphone placed
between the musicians. The balance of vocals and instruments was
controlled by the actual acoustic blend augmented by working the
distance from the microphone,” Strings tells The Sitch.
the musicians would step a bit closer to the microphone for the lead
vocal and instrumental breaks. This type of recording cannot be remixed
or rebalanced so the performance in the balance is all performed live in
real time. A second microphone was used to capture the room ambience of
each location. Vintage-style microphones and electronics were used
whenever possible to add to the old-school recording approach. Upon
careful listening, you will hear a variety of distortions and noises,
ranging from mechanical and electronic noises to audience comments and
traffic sounds, and we feel that all of this adds to the realness of the

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