The Travelin’ McCourys / Keller Williams – Pick


Pick, Keller Williams’ 18th album and his debut with the first family
of bluegrass, The Travelin’ McCourys, is a wonderful mixture of
Keller’s easy-going Americana style and the Travelin’ McCourys’ precise
mastery of Bluegrass. It is string picking rooted in Americana’s heart;
exploding with energy and passion.

Recorded at Nashville’s famed Butcher’s Shoppe Recording Studio in
early 2012, Pick is comprised of 12 originals and covers that are sure
to not just get your toes a tappin’ and knees a slappin’, but also put
some groove in your step and a shake to your bake. Here’s what member’s
of the band have to say about the project:

“Playing with The Travelin’ McCourys brings great joy to me. It’s
like being naked on a mountain with a peppermint patty. It just feels
good. The taste is sweet yet minty and I’m left wanting more.” – Keller

“Playing with Keller is like being in a 2 car chase on a mountain
road. Trying to catch him only to find that as you round the corner…
he’s already gone! When you finally get to the top of the mountain you
can go no further and you think you’ve caught up with him… you realize
he’s going higher yet ascending into the clouds and you want to catch up
but you can’t! He’s an inspirational Musician/Songwriter and Thinker!
It is so satisfying to try keep up with him….and you can’t stop smiling
along the way!”

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