Blood On the Harp


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Blood On the Harp bills themselves as simply Songs about Death. This Americana/Folk string band is a ghostly tribute to the unfortunate struggles that life brings, as written and told by singer/frontman Miguel Olascuaga. Backed by punk rock, jazz, classical violin, and outlaw influences, BOTH brings out the call of the grave. Combined, this band is a solemn turn of the century gospel melody with a modern day string band fusion.

Ghost(s) vol.1 EP

When I receive albums,EP’s or songs to play on the radio I fully expect them to be poor at best,very rarely does any get played so when I do get something worthwhile it makes my day.So far this year two albums have made it onto the regular playlist,one of them has charted on the weekly Roots Music Report Folk chart!!!

2016 could be a great year.

Now it’s the turn of an EP to go regular and cause me headaches writing a review,not from listening to the 6 delightful songs but thinking to hard,there should be an iPad app to do it for you.

The blrb from the band above gives you an idea what to expect,but doesnt prepare you for what you actually hear.

Track one “They’ll Never Find Me”  makes me think of The Handsome Family.It also makes me want to play it again and again.

Track two “Coming Home” I was glad wife was away or I would have been slow waltzing her around our home to this song,the voices compliment each other just right.
Oh I dont like dancing. 

Track three “Left By One” weak link of the sextet of songs but its still an excellent tune and worth listening to for the music alone.

Track four “Ornaments in Translation” Dont understand the title of this song but that doesn’t matter

Track five “To The Bottom Of Lake Buford” This one is a compilation of a lot of my favorite songs, apleasure to listen to.

Track six “The Last Laugh” wonderful haunting violin in the background stops you from listening to the lyrics first time round but that doesnt matter ‘cos you are going to listen again and again and…….
Perfect for a Telluride stage or SXSW. One day.

So many EP’s have thrown newcomers into the lions den of fame,think Cam,Elenown,Bears Den,will this be the catapault for B.o.t.H,I dont think so yet but I certainly know they deserve it.

Out of 10, a 9,only because there are only six songs to listen to and enjoy.
go to to listen to more tracks

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