Teresa Storch – Come Clean

Recorded in Colorado, singer-songwriter Teresa Storch is surrounded
by a posse of players and vocalists, and to her great credit her music,
vocals and lyrics still stand on their own. She is a natural. An
authoritative vocalist, writer of material of substance Storch possess
something special. It is as if not only does she go the extra mile to
obtain the sound, quality of lyric but has the uncanny knowledge of
knowing what a song, and performance takes to gain one’s attention and

Storch’s opening piece, title track “Come Clean” sets the standard,
and after two if not earth moving tracks up pops the bluegrassy
“Abigail”; fuelled by Dobro, mandolin, fiddle and a fetching rhythmic
beat it signals Teresa Storch isn’t just another well intentioned
singer-songwriter, but a girl who can mix it up and attract those of the
bluegrass field too. Sprightly piece “Make You Mine” likewise has a
feel that transcends a few boundaries, most beautiful it is too as
upright bass, roving fiddle, and neat acoustic guitar and harmony vocals
wrap round Storch’s fine lead.

Musicians taking part, and as already noted there a bunch of them;
she has among them Andrew Pressman (Upright bass), David Glaser
(mandolin), James Han (piano, wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond B3 –to give the
record a little soul), Gayan Gregory Long (drums), Jonathan Byrd
(acoustic guitar, harmony vocals), Bridget Low (violin), Garrett Sayers
(upright bass, electric bass) and lots more, some tasty brass included
among one or two of the presentations.

Come Clean has a great deal of good stuff to savour, and with
the former Boston barroom singer, and anywhere else people would let her
play Teresa Storch also speaks passionately (aided by a swirling
pot-pourri of sound) of how she loves “This World”, grateful of her
parents, friends and relations and of how the power within us gives us
peace. To close the album, Storch provides string-laden, tender ballad
“Let Me Remember It” (….Jeff Buckley is on the radio…) as piano and the
former take the listener on a short but wondrous journey. Storch is
certainly an act to keep tabs on.                                        

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