Parkington Sisters


When Ariel, Sarah, Nora, and Rose Parkington of the Parkington Sisters pick up their instruments to strike up a song, the air begins to buzz. The chemistry between the four sisters is so present you feel like you can touch it – and as soon as they strike the first tone, it overwhelms the listener like a tidal wave crashing down.

Hailing from Wellfleet, Massachusetts, the Parkington Sisters cut their teeth on music from the very beginning. Daughters of a prog rock musician and a classically trained guitarist and songwriter, they were raised playing music on picturesque Cape Cod. They rebelled against summer jobs cleaningrental houses and performing in high-brow symphonies and instead became a band performing on the streets of Provincetown, on the tip of the Cape.

 Over the past 4 years they have performed for hundreds of thousands of people, sharing the stage with artists ranging from Mavis Staples and Bruce Springsteen to Dispatch and the Dropkick Murphys, performing in radio studios and stages across the US, Canada and Europe, including New York’s Radio City Music Hall. More recently, the Parkingtons joined the Dropkick Murphy’s to perform the national anthem before Game 6 of the World Series at Fenway Park, leading to the first World Series home win for the Red Sox since 1918!

The band has released a special EP, featuring album track “Inside My Head”. The new album and EP was produced and engineered by Joel Hamilton (Black Keys, Tom Waits), along with the sisters – and was recorded in haunted churches, basements, hotels and living rooms across New England – as well as at the new 5000 sq foot Studio G in Brooklyn. It combines the influence of growing up on Cape Cod and the sisters’ individual talents – each of the sisters is a songwriter and a multi- instrumentalist. With soaring melodies, tumbling from optimistic heights to eerie lows, vibrant harmonies and intricate arrangements, their songwriting incorporates the eclectic songwriting of Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann, the energy of June Carter and the hit potential of Mumford and Sons.

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