Amelia Curran – They Promised You Mercy


Playing guitar and writing songs as a teen, Nova Scotia songstress
Amelia Curran dropped out of university to busk on the streets of St.
Johns, leading to the release of her first album, Barricade,
back in 2000. Since then, she has been nominated for two East Coast
Music Awards and released another five records. Now, Curran is heading
back to the UK this year, with the eagerly awaited release of her brand
new album, They Promised You Mercy, released on January 26th via Blue Rose Records.

The album opens with Somebody Somewhere, a track that sounds
like an upbeat Sheryl Crowe song – the kind you’d listen to during a
long road trip in the middle of summer. Its memorable lyrics, ‘They
promised you mercy and they’ll find it somehow’, seem to be the
generator for the final album title, combined with the catchy ‘Na na na
na’. Next up comes the slower acoustic track, Coming For You – Curran’s vocals are impressive here, somewhere between The Wreckers’ Jessica Harp and Sarah McLachlan.

Never Say Goodbye is an instant stand out, and the song’s simple guitar riffs fit perfectly with its relatable, inspirational lyrics. The Reverie, however, combines folk-y picks at the guitar, with brilliant blend of soft, McLachlan and Bareilles-esque vocals, while The Matador gives off more of a slow-dance feel. They Promised You Mercy closes with the country-like Strike The Band and a fantastic acoustic track titled You’ve Changed. Both of these have a hint of Decemberists’ magic, and enchanting lyrics that can get stuck in your head for days.

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