John Evans releases Polyester


Standing at six-foot five, adorned in polyester, with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes, Texas-born musician John Evans is hard to miss when he takes the stage. Big hair, horn-rimmed glasses, bellbottoms and vintage cowboy boots may be part of his iconic look, but its his contagious energy and memorable sound that captures the audience. As a performer, if Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello were to have a love child, John Evans might just be it. But it is also his songwriting that has built his legacy over the past twenty years as a troubadour in the great state of Texas.  Music runs deep in this man’s blood, and with just a tiny bit of whiskey to make it flow even better, Evans is embarking on a new album and a new chapter that will go down easy, with or without a shot.

Evan’s life journey has revolved around performing, whether that be on the football fields of Texas in his younger years, or on stage at venues scattered across America. His journey began by earning his keep and his education through athletics, and later entering the realm of Texas roots rock music as he took to the road. When he isn’t songwriting or touring with the John Evans Band or El Rio Grande, Evans is an award-winning producer who creates albums with an untouchable southern elegance, ranging from bluesy rock-n-roll to rootsy country music. He has produced albums for Jason James, folk pop singer Ashley Monical, Jesse Daytons and Emily Bell in the past year alone. (CAN WE TALK ABOUT HIS WORK WITH CORB LUND OR HAYES CARLL HERE?) He is a true virtuoso whose sound and musical style cannot be defined by one genre or one project.

His latest endeavor is his new album Polyester, which tells the story of the journey he has led ever since the day he decided the life of a song-writer was the only path for him. He hasn’t looked back since. John has written over XX original songs that can touch the soul of music fans from all genres, across all spectrums. His songs are delivered as an outpour of emotion rather than merely singing; songs that make you want to get up and dance, or rock out in your convertible in the heat of a Texas summer. But he also offers the listener lyrics that can be transparent and vulnerable, reflecting what is moving him in his everyday life. Each song speaks to his life experiences, every one having a unique sound and revealing the most important aspect of his music – staying true to his artistry.  Whether it be a punk song that comes from a place of anger, a tear bending country song that stems from sadness, or a song that was just inspired by Lone Star beer, John’s music has the ability to connect with his fans and cut to their heart.

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