Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem – Violets Are Blue


In a world where string bands are a dime a dozen, Rani Arbo &
daisy mayhem set themselves apart in several ways. For one, the New
England-based foursome doesn’t take itself too seriously, infusing a
good bit of wit into their musical wisdom. For two, they enjoy their
work and their fans. And, for three, their use of “found-object”
percussion instruments — cardboard boxes, tin cans, caulk tubes, bottle
caps, and more — creates a sound like no other’s.
Across 15
years and five albums, Rani Arbo, Andrew Kinse, Anand Nayak, and Scott
Kessel have come together to make award-winning music for the whole
family. For their sixth effort, Violets Are Blue, Arbo and
company have set their artistic sights on love, crafting a collection of
tunes that speaks truth to the power of that most trying and wonderful
of human endeavors. But, despite the album’s name, don’t expect a batch
of saccharin-sweet sonnets.
“After 15 years of playing what we
call ‘agnostic gospel’ music, we approached the idea of a love song
album with some concern,” Arbo says of the set. “Love songs, after all,
are a well-trodden path (understatement intended), and this band had
been walking a different line for many years. That being said, we had
written a small batch recently, and there was something tempting about
curating a collection of songs that were decidedly not in the ‘roses are
red’ camp. Violets Are Blue turned out to be a CD of sugar-free love songs — broadly defined — that tell it like it is.”

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