Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen – Hold My Beer, Vol. 1


Randy Rogers‘ first decision upon becoming an independent free agent was to team with fellow Texas singer Wade Bowen to record Hold My Beer, Vol. 1, a back-to-basics album that showcases their red dirt honky tonk roots. Hold My Beer, Vol. 1
is hardcore Texas country through and through — lean, mean, and hard,
filled with shuffles, ballads, western swing, steel guitars,
larger-than-life twang, and flinty humor, plus not a little of Guy Clark-styled
backporch picking — but the pair decide to write their own “Standards”
instead of relying on classics. This decision gives the record its
kick: it’s single-minded in its purpose, but the duo know this idiom so
well, they can deliver nice, subtle spins on conventions without
repudiating their sources. As such, this is a flat-out blast: good songs
delivered without fuss and a whole lot of passion.

via Blogger http://ift.tt/2aLxi4M


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