The Honeycutters – Me Oh My


The Honeycutters are a roots country band from Asheville, North
Carolina. Tal Taylor plays the mandolin, Rick Cooper the bass, Josh
Milligan plays the drums for the band, and Matt Smith offers his skills
on the pedal steel, electric guitars and a dobro. But the driving force
of The Honeycutters is founder, primary songwriter, and singer Amanda
Platt. She brought the band together
in 2007 and led the way for the band through two albums. On this third
album, released by in April, Platt also took the production reigns,
taking full control of the creative direction of Me Oh My.

Platt says, “The new album is the one I’m most proud of to date…I
took much more of a driver’s seat in it’s making, and the process has
forced me to do a lot of growing up… I feel like I’ve really found my
voice.” She worked alongside assistant producer and engineer Jon Ashley
to deliver the 14 tracks found on album. The country roots are firm,
with the ring of the pedal steel and the pluck of the mandolin
noticeably behind Platt’s vocal delivery on nearly every track.
Overall, Me Oh My, is a pleasant album. The country rooted
production and bluegrass styles in some of the songs are great. Amanda
Platt’s lyrics are honest and deep, and she provides a good vocal
delivery. My only complaints with the album are that the length of 14
songs is a little much, especially since none of the songs drift above a
mid-tempo beat. Me Oh My drags a bit with the high song total.
However, Platt’s sharp story telling and production do help make up for
the drag, as the last couple songs do make the wait worth it. This is
an album country fans missing the roots will love.

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