Speedbuggy USA – South of Bakersfield 

Speedbuggy USA describe themselves as ‘Country Punk’, a moniker that
is more often than not country-rock (the term cow-punk is mentioned
somewhere too) rather than The Sex Pistols crossed with Kenny Rogers
(what a band that would be!). The semantics and idiosyncrasies of genre
descriptors aside, ‘South of Bakersfield’ is Speedbuggy USA’s first
album since 2009. This links to unfortunate health circumstances
surrounding lead singer Timbo. It is a story worthy of the X-Factor and,
with this in mind, I think it better to focus on the music. The band
sound is mainly electric country and the band is driven by a powerful
rhythm section throughout. The songs represent a southern US, working
man’s life. This authenticity is one of the album’s appeals; it is not
trying to do anything particularly innovative or experimental, but what
it does do is paint a picture of an older USA, complete with rusted
cars, wagons and ramblers. The sound is tight and the band’s experience
and long history together is evident at every turn. Stand out tracks
include opener ‘Still Movin’ On’ with its infectious blues riff, and the
bands touching homage to the home of their sound, ‘Bakersfield’.

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