Anne Sumner and Rob Anderson to release new album “out along the bend”

Anne Sumner and Rob Anderson formed a
partnership in early 2016. Both were regulars on the London open mic circuit, when a chance experiment resulted in a musical collaboration as surprising as it is irresistible. Anne’s poignant and melodic songwriting and Rob’s US west-cowboy influences have combined in creating a collection of story telling original material rich in vocal harmonies and care.
I have had the chance to listen to the album pre release and its a little gem.You get the impression they have been playing together for decades not months. “out along the bend”  will be getting regular play on TME.FM so join us and give the album a listen.
“out along the bend” out along the bend

As a classically trained piano student growing up in the ‘90s, Anne most frequenty turned to piano-based sirens Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan for inspiration. Emotionally honest and lyrically led, her writing style criss-crosses the acoustic-pop spectrum from folk to country and back again.

On collaborating with Rob, she says: “It’s quite a magical thing that we’ve stumbled into, especially given that we have virtually no common influences. Right from the first time we started playing each others’ songs, it just worked – I can’t wait to see what happens next.”  
Aside from her solo work, Anne sings with collective Calling For Serenity and has written and contributed guest and backing vocals/harmonies for projects in a range of genres.
Returning to songwriting after a long break, she started writing on Guitar in 2009 and released her first studio album These Hours  in 2015.

“No one is more surprised than I am,” he says.”We come from opposite ends of a musical strand, and on paper, it shouldn’t work. I’m constantly amazed at what happens every time we get together.”

Rob has been playing guitar for over 40 years,collaborating with singer songwriters from Oregon to Oval, always returning to his American country folk roots. In recent years he fronted  The Wayne Drury Project in London and contributes to the US version on an irregular basis.

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