The Champion of Mississippi Blues’ new recording, One Of A kind, releases on Malaco Records on September 16, 2016; Grady’s 10th album to date, the first being a rap project in 1990, Going Gold.
Mississippi-based, Grammy-winning songwriter, entertainer and musician, Grady Champion has been captivating audiences for more than two decades. The singer/harp player/guitarist/songwriter/producer signed to Malaco Records, headquartered in Jackson, MS, in 2013 and his first full-length release with the legendary blues label was released the following year. His album, Bootleg Whiskey, named for the George Jackson song, one of the album highlights, establishes Champion as a torch carrier for authentic Mississippi blues.

Grady Champion was born October 10, 1969 and grew up on a farm in Canton, MS within a religious household. The youngest of his father’s 28 children, he joined his church choir at the age of eight and realized his passion for music. When he was 15, he and his family moved to Miami, FL, but he only attended high school there for a year before moving back to Mississippi to graduate.

Grady returned to Florida at the age of 18 and started in the music industry as a promoter for the rap label Sun Town Records. By the early 90s he embarked on a brief career as a rapper, performing under the moniker MC Gold. However, he soon discovered that he had a natural talent for the blues, and he incorporated hip-hop into blues music. At the age of 24, he worked for FJH Music, owner Frank J. Hackinson, once President of Columbia Pictures, for five years, learning the “ins” and “outs” of the music business as he worked to build his career as an entertainer/musician. In 1998, after learning to play the harmonica, Grady self-released his first blues project, Goin’ Back Home.

Champion enjoyed performing at blues clubs all over Florida, and was quickly scooped up by Shanachie Records that released Payin ’ for My Sins (1999) and 2 Days Short of a Week (2001). In 2003, Champion’s song, co-written with Kevin Bowe, entitled “Trust Yourself” was included on Etta James’ Let’s Roll album that won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album and a Blues Music Award for Soul/Blues Album of the Year. Back in Mississippi: Live at the 930 Blues Cafe followed in 2008, released on Grady’s own GSM Music Group imprint. In 2010, he won the International Blues Challenge, enabling him to expand his regular tour itinerary to include most of the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He has since played the Chicago Blues Festival, the Legendary Blues Cruise, and the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.

In 2011, Champion released Dreamin’ that was nominated for two 2012 Blues Music Awards – Best Soul Blues Album and Song of the Year for “Thank You for Giving Me the Blues.” The song “Make That Monkey Jump” won a Blues Critic Award in the Best Down Home Blues Song category. In 2013 Grady released Tough Times Don’t Last on his own Grady Shady Music imprint.

“I play what I feel,” says Grady Champion, whose socially-conscious lyrics and inspiring live performances have earned him a 2014 cover story in Living Blues magazine. His appeal has crossed over between predominantly white fans of traditional blues and predominantly black soul-blues fans. “I think blues has a bright future…. You just gotta be able to hang in the game.” With an album on Malaco and a touring schedule of approximately 180 performances per year, that is just what Grady Champion is doing.

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