Tami Neilson – Dynamite

The world of country music is huge. I’m not just referring to
mainstream country music, the Texas country music scene and the
independent world. There is country music being made worldwide.
Close-minded people believe it’s just hillbilly and redneck music.
Country music though is as universal as rock and pop music. With so much
country music being made worldwide, it’s impossible of course to cover
it all. As a reviewer you simply keep your eyes and ears open all the
time for country music. The best at finding new and great country music
is without a doubt Trigger at Saving Country Music. As I’ve said before
he was one of the main influences that inspired me to create Country
Perspective. And he has once again introduced me to another great country artist: Tami Neilson.
Neilson is from Auckland, New Zealand and is quite popular in that country,
winning numerous accolades. She has toured Canada and North America
numerous times, even opening up for Johnny Cash. See what I said about
country music being worldwide? If you’re a dedicated reader to this site
you know I like to venture outside of America and review country music
from other countries. And I’m going to tell you before even reviewing
Tami Neilson’s album Dynamite! that it’s fantastic. Go listen
to it and buy it. I’m going to try to do as much justice as possible to
describe how good each song is on this album.

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