The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – Deliverance

                     Drops Sept 30, On Tour in USA

3 Fiddlers. 3 Traditions. Each fiddler has traveled the old routes that tie their cultures together, the ancient pathways once trod by Vikings and Norsemen. Across the centuries, they’ve come together now to bring the historic ties that bind these traditions to light. Norway – Olav Luksengård Mjelva. Sweden – Anders Hall. Shetland – Kevin Henderson. With their new album, Deliverance, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc unites three fiddlers to create a new sound, beholden to the past, but full of fire, passion, and a vision for how this music could sound today. On Deliverance, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc transcend the trio format to create an almost orchestral sound. Blending violin, viola, hardanger fiddle, and the rarer octave violin, they craft arrangements like interlocking, woven threads. As the fiddles weave together, it’s impossible to tell one from the other. Each builds to a larger whole, creating an uplifting, joyous sound of unity.

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