Matt Woods – With Love From Brushy Mountain

While everyone was (rightly) heaping praise and celebrating Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, another great country album came out that same week. And that album was Matt Woods’ With Love From Brushy Mountain. Thanks again to Trigger from Saving Country Music for
pointing out another great country music artist to me. I had never
heard of Woods before and I regretted that once I gave a listen to his
latest album. If you love Simpson, you’re going to love Matt Woods too.

After you take a listen to With Love From Brushy Mountain (the
name comes from an old prison), the song that will immediately stand
out amongst the rest is “Deadman’s Blues.” This song was released as a
single last year, but it was completely new to me. “Deadman’s Blue” is
one of the best country songs I’ve heard in recent years. The song is
about loneliness, failed relationships and being your own prisoner,
which is the overall theme of the album. Woods shows such great, raw
emotion in this song. He does this by slowly raising his voice
throughout the song. In the beginning he’s somber and reflective and
then it builds into frustrating realization. Lyrically it’s perfect. The
best line to me is when he says he’s “a first place loser and a last
place friend,” which perfectly describes the man’s pain in the song. If
you don’t feel like listening to the whole album, at least listen to
this song.

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