Mark Chesnutt – Tradition Lives

(He’s made it back! He put up a hard, hard fight against the music industry that wanted him to jump through some pretty ridiculous hoops. May I point out that one of the songs,  So You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore, was written, amongst others, by William Michael Morgan, who looks to be the one of the main figures who are going to keep traditional country alive in the next generation. Jasmine)
So You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

In the very title of 2016’s Tradition Lives, Mark Chesnutt
wears his allegiance proudly: he’s not concerned about the present,
he’s determined to keep old-time country alive. That doesn’t mean that Tradition Lives
consists of nothing but hardwood honky tonk tunes, although the album
has a fair share of those to be sure: “Lonely Ain’t the Only Game in
Town” and “Never Been to Texas” are the kind of songs that would feel
comfortable in any beer joint south of the Red River. Chesnutt
surrounds these songs with softer tunes, ones that echo the smoother
sounds of the ’80s and early ’90s, the time when the Texan first started
to gain some traction. These cuts aren’t pop so much as they are soft
and elastic, demonstrating how Chesnutt can lean into a lyric, and they also benefit from the aesthetic that ties together the whole of Tradition Lives. Throughout the album, Chesnutt
keeps things simple, spare, and easy, keeping the focus on the song and
the instrumental interplay — the very things that make for great
country, of which this is proudly part of that long tradition.

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