Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road – Country Grass


(Oh lighten up! Nothing wrong with having a little fun. Jasmine)

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road’s  Country Grass LP
finds the bluegrass group partnering with country icons like Crystal
Gayle, Lee Greenwood, Lynn Anderson, T.G. Sheppard, and John Conlee to
put new twists on old songs. The first single, “Runnin’ Water,” features
Grammy Award winners the Kentucky Headhunters, and many of the cuts
topped the Billboard charts in their days — songs like “Ready
for the Times to Get Better,” “Dixie Road,” “Do You Want To Go To
Heaven,” and “Rose Garden.” Jordan even put her stamp on Conway Twitty’s
“Boogie Grass Band” with help from bluegrass singer/songwriter Ronnie
Reno, who also hosts Reno’s Old Time Music. Collaboration was the key.
and country tied the knot in the early years of music,” Jordan says.
“Then, somewhere along the way, they both took different paths. Today, I
see the new country taking yet another path, and I find that country
fans are returning to their roots through bluegrass. That’s what Country Grass
is about — reintroducing classic country and bluegrass. It was an
honor to work with so many of the country legends I have loved and
admired throughout my lifetime. I believe this project brings it all
full circle and I’m excited about the possibilities this brings to us

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