Rob Baird – Wrong Side of the River


Memphis-born musician Rob Baird’s “Wrong Side of the River,” the
title cut of his upcoming LP, crackles with gritty desperation. . . and
with good reason.

Stepping outside his comfort zone by working with inexpensive mics
and no mixing board, Baird cut the material, produced by Brian Douglas
Phillips, in a garage, leaving behind a record deal and an entire state
in the process.

“This is all about being in the wrong place and knowing that you need
to figure out a way to get to the other side,” Baird tells Rolling Stone Country
of the powerful title track. “I moved to Tennessee after living in
Texas for eight years, and after about a year, I knew it was time to go
back to Texas. These feelings became the basis for this song, but after
putting pen to paper I think this song is about fighting through the
darkness to find the light. Sometimes you got to fight tooth and nail.”

Walking away from a deal with Nashville’s Carnival Music, Baird
bought a one-way ticket out of Tennessee and made his way back to
Austin, assembling a tight group of musicians to make the record, and
detailing that “tooth-and-nail” struggle within the songs that form the
basis of Wrong Side of the River. The result is a bold, hungry statement that follows 2012’s I Swear It’s the Truth
with soulful melodies and blues-battered lyrics that reflect the
westward journey to rediscovering his music and redefining himself.

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